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A smart new product for tech addicts

23 September 2017  |  Amit

A smart new product for tech addicts

We here at Lithe Audio are always looking for ingenious life hacks to use around the home. And our latest product provides a fantastic new way to make the most of your current gadgets.

Our newly released phone/tablet stands are the perfect tool for multitaskers. Whether you're in the kitchen or changing the music, this sleekly designed model uses micro suction technology to strongly grip your device.

Unlike other alternatives, our Nanometer pads do away with glue and residue to bring you a superb natural hold. That means keeping your phone or tablet in pristine condition after use. And with its stylish premium grade aluminium alloy build, the stand will look great in your home.

06420_Retrotouch Boutique_Lithe Audio Phone On Stand_Black_Back_Angle.jpg


The latest lifestyle hack

Our tech gadgets have become an intrinsic part of our everyday existence. They have made lots of things a lot easier. But there are many instances when these devices can be a bit of a faff.

Let's say you're training hard to be the next Great British Bakeoff champion. With all that flour and butter on your fingers it can be very tricky to reactivate and reposition your recipe on the kitchen bench. Our stands make it very simple to display your device in a conspicuous way.

...Or imagine you're performing the distinguished role of resident DJ at your house party. These situations call for the utmost concentration and deliberation, not to mention the careless way your device can sometimes be discarded when that banging tune comes on. Now you can keep your phone upright and easily accessible.

For a safer, cleaner, and more efficient solution, opt for the superior quality and functionality of our phone/tablet stand.

Flawlessly built

Its fantastic triangular shape is the secret to our stand's versatility. This unique style allows you to change orientation, re-arrange devices to different sides and angle your smartphone or tablet however you wish. This makes it perfect to use across a variety of smartphone and tablet models.

We recognise the need to keep your electronics neat and tidy. This is why we've included a subtle cable management system at the back of our stand to keep your inputs out of harm's way.

The dimensions of our model are 11 x 10 x 7.5cm, which makes is a perfectly portable device that you can store away easily whenever needed. With its lightweight, easy-to-use design, this is the ideal unit for those that want to go hands free with their mobile devices.

There are countless opportunities for our stand to improve your lifestyle. And we're keen to discover how you wish to use it. Check out our amazing new product at, and please do drop us a line about how it can prove the ultimate lifehack for you.

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