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A Match Made In Audio Heaven

9 March 2022

For those who own, or are looking to buy, ceiling speakers for their home, one of the most exciting discoveries in store is realising the many compatibility benefits on offer. Because for our product developers, success means not just delivering awesome products, but allowing them to fit in seamlessly with the rest of your home technology as well.

One exciting example of this is the pairing potential of our wireless ceiling speakers and the Retrotouch Friends of Hue Smart switch. By utilising both of those unique products in parallel, users can achieve a next-level power solution for their home audio. With the ‘always on’ functionality of the Retrotouch Smart Switch, you can take advantage of the latest home automation systems include Apple’s iOS homekit, without ever needing to break off the connection between them.



This is one major advantage of owning a wireless ceiling speaker. By enabling wire-free functionality, it has now become even easier to enjoy a convenient and painless experience with your audiovisual technology. In this instance, controlling your speaker’s power through a Retrotouch smart switch allows you to control everything through a centralised device, such as your phone or tablet.

Another key benefit of this setup is its wireless compatibility. If you’ve ever despaired of the unsightly mess a tangled web of cables presents, then you’ll appreciate the powerful solutions provided by using both of these products in tandem. And it’s simple to install! Our ceiling speakers can be fitted by anyone with a modicum of DIY experience, or by enlisting the help of one of our specialised Lithe Audio fitters. Then, once you’ve attached your Retrotouch switch to the wall (again, no cables required), you’re ready to begin pairing.

Once your devices are synched up, there’s never any reason to disconnect from their smart functions! If a light switch is manually flicked off, the Retrotouch Friends of Hue smart switches will work as normal switches from the wall, but the circuit will remain on so that Hue is always ready and working when you want it. This seamlessly delivers App, voice, motion sensor and HomeKit functionality as well as manual control from the wall.



The result? Instant audio, available whenever you need it, and without the hassle of getting everything paired up first. There’s no better way to capitalise on those spontaneous, feel-good moments. No need to wait around for your devices to pair up every time, maintaining a heated dialogue with your voice assistant. No atmosphere-ruining moment when your devices lose their connection by a rogue flick of the switch. Just high quality audio, at the press of a button.

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