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5 Songs to Blast on your Outdoor Speaker this Summer

10 July 2019  |  Amit

As the summer progresses, and impromptu barbecues are arranged with increasing gusto, this year's hottest outdoor gadget is no doubt getting a good run. And if you haven't already purchased one of our bluetooth garden speakers, then it's not too late to get the party started. 

Every summer has its own memorable soundtrack. Whether you're old enough to have walked like an Egyptian, or are more partial to a spot of dabbing, the best feel-good music should be timeless and enjoyed by all. Anyone experienced in DJing at garden parties would recognise the importance of playing fun, danceable music that everyone can enjoy. And, when your audience are on their fifth Pimms, you better not subject them to your niche interests - and that includes Mongolian throat singing. 


If the job is too daunting, or you need a couple of pointers, here are some of our recommendations for a great summer soundtrack!


Beach Boys - Surfin' USA


If we had our way, every garden speaker would have this old time classic pre-installed. No summer would be complete without its lashings of nostalgia, and you don't need to have grown up in 60's California to imagine yourself heading to Malibu beach in your open top cadillac whenever this banger comes on. Expect foot tapping, and maybe even some tentative twisting as your audience submits to this groovy surf rock hit. 


MGMT - Electric Feel 


Whatever happened to MGMT? If not a creative impasse, then perhaps they were simply beamed back up to space, having divested themselves of an unworldly quantity of summer feels. Whenever this chorus hits, whether in a greasy nightclub or a beach-side paradise, the dance floor becomes an eddying swirl of euphoria. The bass notes really sound great on our powerful garden speakers!


Dua Lipa - One Kiss


I defy anyone with a contrived aversion to 'chart music' to keep their head still when listening to this track. Even the most unblemished musical purist will probably start mouthing the 'one kiss is all it takes' chorus vocals as this tune thumps along. It's everything good pop music should be - basic, repetitive, and downright catchy. It has a relentless energy, yet feels perfectly suited to long evenings drinking in the sun. 


Outkast - Hey Yah!


OK, now this track is probably cheating. Self respecting DJ's will invariably seek to provide something a little different, offering a musical education of different styles and genres. But for everyone else there's 'Hey Yah!' - one of the few tracks that will have people up on their feet jumping and singing within the first four bars. This song is actually genius in so many ways, but we don't have time to go into the 'how' and 'why', we just want to dance like a crazy person. 


Beatles - Obla Di Obla Da


Quite left field, but the unbridled joy of this song that is a guaranteed winner, no matter how morose your guests may be. Grumpy old Albert, always boring others with his political opinions, will be smiling from ear to ear when listening to the chorus. So delightfully inoffensive that even your neighbours will be dancing around in their dressing gowns after being awoken late at night. So let the good times roll! 


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