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5 reasons why every household needs a garden speaker this summer

7 June 2021

As restrictions continue to ease, so too does the cloud cover. Across the next few weeks, many parts of the UK will be experiencing gloriously sunny conditions, with garden parties optimistically scheduled. Because for many, the only thing better than seeing friends and family again is seeing them while enjoying good food, good entertainment, and high levels of UV.  

So while you’re making preparations to get your garden party-ready, you might be on the market for a quality speaker system to help spread the good vibes. To help achieve this, we’d like to introduce you to our garden speaker. Shaped like a rock, this all-weather unit offers a unique way to get high quality audio outside. So here’s 5 key reasons why no British garden worth its salt should go without an outdoor speaker this summer. 


They’re a conversation starter


To begin with, the design of this speaker is a real conversation-starter. Uninformed visitors will be flummoxed while trying to identify the source of the crystal clear audio. Is it the garden gnome? The bird-feeder? Shaped like a stone, this speaker will fit in seamlessly with other garden ornaments, and will continue functioning even throughout any weather conditions.


They’re safe


With its weatherproof shell and heavy duty connections, these speakers have been designed with safety in mind. This year-round sound solution will continue to function through rain or shine, whenever you need it. 

They look great


The sleek yet robust casing of our ceiling speakers offer a tasteful way to introduce smart technology to your garden. Maintaining the same rustic vibe as the rest of your garden, this rock-shaped speaker is made to look the part, without any garish colour schemes to frighten away the robins!


They sound great


We’ve also ensured that we deliver the same uncompromising sound quality as our other models. While many bluetooth speakers struggle to be heard outside, these speakers really pack a punch. Just remember to consider the neighbours. 


They’re easy to install


In terms of setup, it’s pretty simple to get your speaker working. You’ll need an outdoor plug socket and a IP68 (weatherproof) transformer and connections. Once powered up, it’s simply a case of connecting the speaker to your phone or other bluetooth device, and then you’re ready to begin.

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