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5 reasons why ceiling speakers are the audio solution of the future

22 August 2017  |  Amit

5 reasons why ceiling speakers are the audio solution of the future

When it comes to home entertainment systems, we all want to be one step ahead of the rest. Why keep up with the Jones's when you can become a Jones yourself? These are the considerations Lithe Audio have addressed with our fantastic all-in-one ceiling speaker range. 

We strongly believe that the future of audio is up high. If you're looking for the latest in audio technology, then it is more than likely you've encountered the unique benefits of ceiling mounted speakers. They are practical, affordable, and offer fantastic sound quality for your home or establishment. 

We're so passionate about our product, that funnelling all their unique qualities into 5 key benefits has been a bit of a challenge. But for those who may not know too much about ceiling speakers, here is an overview.

01563_Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling speaker_Cutout.jpg

Superb sound coverage

Any sound technician will tell you that amplification of sound is just one part of the audio experience. The next part is sound dispersal, or how the sound travels around your room. Many elaborate hacks exist to help you get the most out of your existing set-up, but one solution that is guaranteed to deliver superb coverage is mounting the speaker system up high and letting it rain down upon you. 

Space saving solution

If you've ever found your home wanting in the 'free space' department, then don't despair. If you want the ultimate stress-free lifestyle, especially when there are little ones running around the house, our ceiling speakers are a great way to reduce excess clutter, and get your tech out of the firing line. 

Can be used in the bathroom

Our IP44 rated bathroom models are perfect for those who like to sing we're they're showering. Or perhaps some classical chillout is in order while soaking in the tub? Getting audio into the bathroom has historically been fraught with danger. Our models are up high and safely out of the way, meaning you can splash around as much as you want without the risk of your speakers getting wet. Win win!

Can be paired with other speakers around the house

To turn your entire home into a pumping groove box, multiple ceiling speakers installed throughout the building will deliver the perfect result. Need to run to the toilet but don't want to miss what's happening on the telly? Easy, install another ceiling speaker in the hallway. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

They are surprisingly easy to install

One common reservation about ceiling speakers is the perceived difficulty in setting them up in the first place. But don't worry. You don't need to be a DIY whizz to be able to set up our ceiling speakers. The job will only take 15 minutes, and simply involves feeding your device into the ceiling and giving it power. Within no time at all, you will be set up to begin receiving incredible audio from above. 

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