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5 products to take your home office to the next level

8 December 2020  |  Amit

1. Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers

Do you have a soundtrack to help you through your working day? Maybe it’s a bit of light classical music, or some calming ocean waves. For those missing office culture, perhaps it’s the noise of a simulated workplace environment: holes punched, staples stapled, tea rounds offered.

The good thing is, working from home allows you greater freedoms when it comes to playing music. And with our Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers, you can create a soothing sonic atmosphere whenever you’re working from home. Once installed, these speakers can hook up to your laptop or mobile device via bluetooth connection, then you can assume the role of office DJ.

2. Standing desk

There are many health benefits involved in transitioning to a standing desk, including increased calorie consumption, as well as improvements to posture. These are all important factors to address when it comes to developing a sustainable work from home routine.

And potential converts will be pleased to hear that you won’t need to buy a new desk to make this adjustment. There are many extension brackets available, allowing you to plonk your new purchase onto your existing desk, and hey presto - you’ve joined the standing desk brigade! Combined with the bluetooth speakers previously mentioned, why not dance your way through your working day?

3. Premium office chair

If comfort and relaxation are key requirements to help get you through your day, then consider a high quality office chair an essential purchase to transform your work-from-home experience. Achieving the right posture is an important consideration when choosing the right chair, helping to improve alertness and avoid any long-term back problems.

In addition, you should also consider the customisation options available, whether or not you have the opportunity to adjust the angle of recline, as well as height, of the chair. Our pick for this category is this stylish Hbada model.

4. Anglepoise lamp with Philips Hue bulb

One welcome development WFH initiates will celebrate is the fact that you no longer need to put up with harsh fluorescent strip lighting. No one needs to see the fellow office workers with that level of clarity, warts and all. Instead, why not opt for a softer, warmer, working environment, with this excellent lighting combination, guaranteed to put you into a relaxed mood.

The Philips bulb allows users to choose from up to 16 million colours, providing the perfect way to illuminate your room however you choose.

5. Retrotouch Smart switch

No home office should be complete without the Retrotouch Smart Switch.

By integrating smart technology with your home’s switches, you open up a world of voice activated applications, such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. In just a few simple steps, you can set up a voice command to control all the lights around your house.

Not only is this an excellent, energy-saving solution, it provides added ease and convenience when you want to control your household power usage from the comfort of your own office chair.



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