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5 essential applications for our nano suction stands

7 August 2019  |  Amit

The pace of technological change is pretty breathtaking. In just a few years, our phones have gone from monochrome SMS messengers to all-singing, all-dancing supercomputers. There isn’t much that smartphones can’t already do, but that won’t stop the big companies from finding new ways to keep us glued to our screens. 

There’s one thing that will never change, however, and that is the human body’s capacity for clumsiness and inadequacy. Our thumbs are too big for the digitized keys, and we struggle to walk in a straight line when typing. This is why it is so important to ensure that we are well equipped to get the most out of our technology. 

Lithe Audio’s nano suction phone/tablet stands help relieve a tonne of pressure we place on ourselves. Everyday tasks can be made a lot simpler with this helpful accessory. So here are just a few of the situations in which this device can eliminate unnecessary hassle.


Modern mobile phones and tablets are built to withstand the most violent shocks and scrapes. But they still haven’t discovered a way to continue functioning effectively when caked in flour and sugar. And frankly, we’re not sure they ever will. So while you’re following one of your favourite recipes online, our stand will ensure that you won’t keep needing to pick up your device. 


If you’re selecting some pretty sensational tunes, chances are there’ll be a lot of movement as the dancefloor responds. So if your device is connected to the speaker system, you’ll want to ensure it is kept well out of harm’s way. Plus, you’ll get a clear view of whatever song is playing. Now you can continue dancing with reckless abandon.  

Watching a video

Have you ever spent entire train journeys trying to position your phone in the optimum viewing angle, only for it to keep sliding despairingly down the table? Not only can you miss out on which couple is leaving Love Island, it is also incredibly frustrating from a UI perspective. Fortunately, our phone/tablet stands make watching TV and films an absolute pleasure. 

Video calling

If you’re looking for a killer bicep workout, you might wanna try having an extended chat with someone on video call. Having our arms hovering in front of our face for an hour or so isn’t comfortable for the average person. Having the ability to position your phone in the perfect position without having to break a sweat is one of many benefits provided by our phone/tablet stands.

Taking a selfie

Perhaps the most popular pastime of the smartphone generation, taking a selfie has become serious business. And taking the perfect selfie is something that requires real skill and artistry to accomplish. For those looking to capture that perfect, crystal clear image, why not consider our phone/tablet stand as a makeshift tripod. Your Instagram audience will appreciate it - guaranteed.  Find out more about our phone/tablet stands here:

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