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4 reasons why ceiling speakers are perfect for the bedroom

10 May 2020  |  Amit

With temperatures in the UK rapidly descending, there’s a good chance most of us are finding the comfort of the duvet an irresistible pull. In this weather, hibernation seems an attractive proposition - a chance to bed down for the winter and re-emerge when all is cheery and sunny. 

At Lithe Audio, we realise these are the months where the bedroom emerges as the locus of the home. We also know that, post-festive season, many of us aren’t as sprightly as we once were, and could do with things being at arm’s reach, at least for the time being. 

We’ve earmarked our wireless ceiling speakers as the perfect product for getting the most out of your indolence. And if you read on, you’ll realise why. 



There’s no greater comfort than watching cataclysmic events and apocalyptic disasters from the comfort of your own bed. And if don’t like watching BBC news, there’s always a gripping TV drama to keep you entertained while you nestle beneath the sheets.

Our 65Hz-20kHz ceiling mounted speakers are designed to bathe you in a cascade of sound. So whether it’s soaking up all the drama of The Witcher or just experiencing the paralysis of streaming indecision, consider our innovative technology as a great way to improve your home viewing experience.



If the decibel levels of your house routinely approach that of a drag race, then you probably: a) have teenagers, and, b) require some way of turning the volume down without your voice going hoarse. As soon as your ambient music becomes a seismological curiosity, then it’s probably time to find a solution.

Lithe Audio have that solution in mind with a programmable sound cap, which ensures that your family members are able to enjoy super rich audio quality in moderation. Rather than damaging their ears sitting next to a tinny speaker system, your son or daughter’s bedroom speakers can now amplify sound in a practical, healthy way.



If you’re a light sleeper and spend your nights repeatedly waking up to alarms and traffic sounds coming from outside your home, then an effective solution is at hand.

In his autobiography, football superstar Wayne Rooney admitted to leaving the vacuum cleaner on during the night to drown out any unexpected noises. If, like Wayne, you prefer consistent white noise to things that may go bump in the night, then our ceiling speakers will be a great way to ease your passage into the land of nod.

Just hook your speakers up to your phone as it plays out any form of relaxing audio, and your forty winks will be guaranteed.



If your bedside table is a constant hive of books, phone chargers, and speakers, then you may at some point have experienced the tragic domino effect that may ensue when reaching out for your phone. If it wasn’t so awful, it would be an interesting case study in physics. Through some kind of sorcery all bedside items always end up scattered all over your floor. And there are rarely any survivors.

Well Lithe Audio can help you out in that department. Our ceiling speakers provide you with a no-fuss cable free audio experience that will provide comfort and ease. Feel the unbounded pleasure of lying back in bed and controlling your audio system without getting tangled up.

Our ceiling speakers, as with all our products, are designed to enhance your feeling of domestic bliss. Check out our range now!

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