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3 Ultimate Christmas Gifts for Modern Lifestyles

18 December 2018  |  Amit


If you’re on the hunt for gadgets to gift loved ones this Christmas, and have exhausted all the latest offerings, then let us tell you about some of the items you may have missed!
How many of us can truly consider any presents received over the last few years as really useful? Remember that novelty toilet radio you got last year? No doubt lying face down among all those discarded cables in that drawer labelled ‘miscellaneous junk’. The truth is, it takes a lot of reconnaissance to get a gift that really exists to a fill a hole in your loved one’s life.
Your best bet is getting something that is guaranteed to make their lifestyle easier and more hassle free. And for us, that means getting something for the home. Something smart, time-saving, and enjoyable to use - something modern!
Without further ado, here is a short list of some really amazing gadgets that are sure to go down particularly well, and not get binned in the new year.

Retrotouch Smart iotty WiFi Switch

The new Retrotouch WiFi Smart Switch is an all-encompassing home hack that - in so many ways - exists to make households more efficient, energy saving, and intuitive. With Geo Location enabled, the lights throughout your loved one’s home will be on whenever they are needed, and switched off whenever that area is vacated.

In addition to turning on lights automatically, iotty can be programmed to automatically open your front gate as you arrive. Open and close electric blinds according to the daylight. Get the full “Welcome Home” treatment!

How is this accomplished? Through an innovative piece of technology synced to your phone. The Retrotouch iotty app allows home lighting systems to correspond to your location, as well as allowing you to program customisable lighting periods throughout the day.

The best part about this? This can all be done from anywhere in the world. You can be sipping on Pina Coladas on the beach in the Maldives with full comfort knowing your house is illuminated to scare off those wanting unauthorised access to your prized possessions.

Energy efficient, time saving, and easy to use - sounds like Retrotouch!



Lithe Audio Multi-Room WiFi Ceiling Speakers

Lithe Audio’s All-in-one Wireless Multi-Room WiFi Ceiling Speakers put you in control of your music. Control a world of audio at a touch from your smartphone or tablet, streaming audio straight from your device.

These WiFi speakers allow the user to stream to up to 30 master speakers using the Lithe Audio app (available on iOS and Android). This is an ideal gadget for anyone looking to hold the ultimate house party.

These speakers also allow access to your Spotify library, including streaming from Tidal, Deezer, TuneIn or vTuner, giving you access to a virtually unlimited audio library for the best sound solution for your household!



Retrotouch Boutique Boiler Thermostats

Retrotouch’s programmable thermostat range exists to give you peace of mind. There’s no point keeping your home warm when you’re not in, just as there’s no point letting your colleagues or family freeze when the wonders of heating technology are at your disposal. With six adjustable heating periods available seven days a week, your home can be both energy efficient AND comfortable to live in.

Our models are easy to use, fire resistant, and are will look fantastic in any home. Using the most cutting edge technology, they are also far less likely to give you grief at the time when you need them most. It is our belief that a modern house needs truly modern gadgets, so to avoid household conflicts, extortionate energy bills, and being left in a technological lurch, consider upgrading or installing one of our thermostats now.






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