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3 recent reviews of our ceiling speakers

26 June 2020  |  Amit

We love seeing people enjoying our products. Whether it’s a keen social media user singing the praises of their new ceiling speaker or a kind word from a customer, it feeds our motivation to continue producing high quality products with a real ‘wow’ factor. 

So rather than using this latest blog post to sing our own praises, we wanted to take the opportunity to share some reviews that we’ve discovered online. If you want to experience second hand the delight of using one of these speakers for the first time, then these articles will help provide a flavour of what you could expect. 

Automated Home - Lithe Audio All-In-One 6.5″ Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker is Perfect for Retrofits

“The all-in-one convenience coupled with the quality audio means you can’t get much better than this Lithe Audio setup for a retro-fit situation. I’ve recently seen this very unit recommended by more than one professional custom installer in online forums too which is also a good sign.

So whether you want Spotify in the kitchen, audio books in the kids bedroom or you use your laptop to watch movies with great bass in the bath, then checkout the feature packed, expandable Lithe Audio All-In-One 6.5″ Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker available now.”

Smart Home Sounds - Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers Review

“We were very pleased with the sound quality after testing. They reached an impressive level of depth and detail, and we didn’t miss a word with the vocals.

For a small room such as a study or bedroom, these will be perfect to provide background music at low to mid-high volumes.”

Buy Clever Stuff - Lithe Audio WiFi Ceiling Speaker - The Real Challenger To Sonos?

“In the last two years, Lithe Audio have made a massive impact on the home audio market with their incredible Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker.

After such success, and winning countless awards along the way, Lithe Audio have now released their WiFi Ceiling Speaker and fully integrating App for multiroom audio control.

As simple as their Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker, their latest creation is just as easy to install – and for most DIYers, it is no problem enough to fit, but as always if you’re unsure, it’s always best to ask a qualified electrician to fit.”

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