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3 hilarious Bluetooth speaker pranks that prove why pin protection is important

9 December 2016  |  Amit


Anyone prone to exploring the many rabbit holes opened up by Youtube’s ‘up next’ column might be aware of the myriad videos exposing the vulnerabilities of Bluetooth speaker systems. Whole Youtube channels are dedicated to providing variations of the ‘playing ridiculously inappropriate audio in public’ theme.

Any impartial observer may perhaps watch these videos and think twice about investing in Bluetooth technology; the assumption being that what they may provide in effortless convenience they take away as potential troll magnets.

Thankfully, the pin protection technology utilised in Lithe Audio’s ceiling speaker range will help stop this from happening, and will likely force those trolls to trudge back where they belong - under the bridge.

But for anyone humming and hawing about the merits of pin protection technology, here is a Youtube-oriented case study of times when such security was perhaps needed...

Prankster fills department store with cacophonous dubstep

As large outlets catering to large amounts of shoppers, department stores are particularly vulnerable to Bluetooth-hijackers. Indeed it happens so often, it is a mystery why many haven’t done anything about it.

Hooking his smartphone up to a powerful looking speaker system, this prankster decides to annoy customers and staff with a bass-heavy track which would be more appropriate at a dance festival than a Target store.

Science teacher confounded by mystery audio

If there’s one subject on the school curriculum we here at Lithe Audio feel is undeserving of being disrupted by Bluetooth-related hijinks, it is science. The future of innovation and human progress rests on the perfectly preserved silence of classrooms across the country.

This science teacher is a picture of confusion as his lesson is continually disrupted by trashy electro music. He laughs it off, but it is clear to see he’d rather be discoursing on the wonders of science and technology than attempting to stop the mystery music.

Man uses ‘magic’ to mess with neighbour’s playlist

In a hilariously silly bid to make it look like he’s circumventing hacking laws, this guy waves his wand around and miraculously manages to switch the songs on his neighbours’ Bluetooth speaker.

One can only imagine the neighbours’ annoyance as their attempts at a Bhangra-themed dance party is continually frustrated by the melancholy opening bars of Vanessa Carlton’s ‘Thousand Miles’.

Now that the potential problems have been addressed, here’s how we at Lithe Audio work to solve them...

Our pin protected ceiling speaker models include a fail-safe way to control who’s in charge of your home playlist. Just use a 4-digit pin code when connecting a new device - whether computer or smartphone - and you are the undisputed DJ of your household. No need to live in fear of Youtubers blasting out Skrillex while you’re enjoying your morning coffee!

And while our non-pin protected models will undoubtedly liven up any household and allow for awesome Amazon Echo connectivity, if its security you’re after or live on busy thoroughfare then consider our protected versions for a fantastic present this Christmas!

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