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3 great applications for TV wall mounts

12 January 2017  |  Amit

3 great applications for TV wall mounts

TV wall mounts are an exciting piece of technology. The idea of investing in a TV cabinet to support the weight of your boxy television set now seems ridiculous. With newer, lighter screens, any flat wall or surface is ideal. Now, instead of looking despairingly at a heavy, dust-infested piece of furniture, you can admire the easeand satisfaction that motorised wall mounts provide.

There are a host of benefits to getting your TV set mounted and motorised. Along with the incredible satisfaction and feeling of power that comes with using a remote control to guide your TV around, they provide much more efficiency and visibilityfor a range of different environments.

With that said, here are three awesome applications for TV wall mounts:

Make your office more visual

We all know the feeling. Sitting in a dull office, waiting for the hours to roll by. You've been through the entire Buzzfeed archive twice, and you're sated on funny cat videos. If the mechanical novelty of the water dispenser is enough to inspire a congregation of diversion-seekers, you can agree with the fact that offices can be pretty drab affairs.

But watch heads turn and eyes light up with the introduction of a communal screen. TV wall mounts can be used very effectively in office environments. Whatever the workplace. Whether you work in media and need a live news feed, or want to introduce clever visuals to motivate the team, a mounted screen can be a great way to raise morale and make the office a more entertaining place to work.

Reduce clutter (and damage) in the home

As mentioned, the 21st century home has no place for TV cabinets. They can be difficult to maintain, attract unnecessary clutter, and - for those with pets - produce moments like the following:

Technology has moved on, and as screens have become more portable, so have the fittings. Motorised wall mounts now allow you to position your TV high up in the optimum position for the best pet-friendly viewing experience.

Motivate and entertain gym-goers

If you work at a gym, you'd probably realise how precarious low-lying technology is. Many a vulnerable phone screen has been broken while smashing out that last rep. And with bar bells being flung around like cabers on Burns night, those delicate LCD screens need to be well out of the firing line. Which is why you'd be well advised to turn your attentions to the latest TV wall mount technology. If you want to keep your patrons entertained and fired up with screenings of the latest Justin Bieber music video, then consider only the most secure and high tech models.

Which is where Lithe Audio comes in...

Our TV wall mounts come in a range of different sizes for flat screen or curved, leading all the way up to 100 inches for the most epic cinematic experiences.

If you're a couch potato, and shy away from getting up to do things, our motorised models include a remote control which means you don't even have to get up to move them into position.

And if you can't decide which wall to attach your device to, or just want to save space, then take a look at our amazing ceiling-mounted versions.

We are passionate about using technology to improve people's lives. So whether it's at home, in the office, or trying to achieve your fitness goals, take a look at our range now and see what's possible!

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