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3 Awesome Applications for our Garden Speakers

23 April 2019  |  Amit

The weather is getting warmer. And as we throw out picnic invitations with reckless abandon, many of us are venturing out into our gardens, remembering that such a space indeed exists. With barbecues being de-cobwebbed, and last summer’s shorts optimistically donned, the latest summer party gadget is eagerly looked for.

Every summer seems to have its craze. Fidget spinners, Pokemon Go, not winning the world cup. But what will excite the nation this year? At Lithe Audio, we’re confident that we have the answer.

Our garden speakers are the must-have garden gadget this summer. Resembling a rock in all but audio amplification capabilities, these innovative devices will impress the socks off your mates. Perhaps 2019 is the year of the garden speaker? Easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and very accessible. These are some of the key benefits to this impressive bit of kit. But what of its applications?

Here are our favourite ways to use the Lithe Audio garden speaker this year:


Chill Out with your Favourite Podcast

Whether you like to learn things or just entertain yourself with mindless chatter, podcasts are a great way to complement your sunbathing. Just sit back, close your eyes, and let the conversation wash over you.

And there’s no better way to do this than with our garden speakers, boasting unrivalled sound quality and pin sharp clarity. The dulcet tones of your favourite podcaster will be beautifully amplified through our speakers. With their 65Hz-20kHZ sound range and impressive woofer/tweeter speaker combo, you won’t have any difficulty in hearing your recording of choice. Just remember not to annoy your neighbours!

Turn your patio into a dancefloor

Nothing beats the unbridled satisfaction of hosting the ultimate summer party. Not only is your level of popularity dramatically elevated, you also have the pick over which tunes to play. Do you go for some old school classics? Or something more contemporary? With great power comes great responsibility. So just don’t play any One Direction!

Connecting your garden speaker is ridiculously easy. Everything you need is in the box, simply connect your speakers to mains power, position them accordingly, pair any phone or tablet via Bluetooth and stream your music. Let the good times rock!

Attract songbirds

If summoning rare songbirds is your thing (we don’t judge here at Lithe Audio) then you will find our garden speakers incredible useful. Shaped exactly like a rock from the garden, our unobtrusive speakers can provide crystal clear birdsong to attract a real menagerie of feathered friends. If you want to be the ultimate bird whisperer, pair a bird song recording with a bird feeder, and watch as your garden comes alive with avian wildlife.

Incorporating the aesthetics of camouflage, our garden speakers are incredibly popular, and - we feel - have the potential to be one of the most sought after home audio hacks of the year. To read more about these unique speakers, click here:


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