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Lithe Audio 90° Remote Control Motorised TV Wall Mount FAQs


  • How easy are the motorised TV mounts to fit?
  • Our Motorised TV mounts are mounted in the same way as standard brackets, except they require a 13A plug for power for the motor. Be sure that the supporting surface will safely support the combined weight of the TV and TV mount. Ensure the correct fixings are used for your surface type; plaster board, concrete, wood, etc..
  • Can the remote be used with a learning remote controller?
  • Yes, place the device in learn mode press SET for 5 seconds until LED on remote flickers then stays lit then press OK (1 beep will be heard), red LED will stay on, LEARN mode active. To learn the 5 functions left, right, OK, up and down to suit. To learn press example left, press left on remote until 2 beeps, the red LED on IR receiver will change from steady to slow flashes. Aim the (learning controller) at the IR receiver and press the button that you need to set as left until beeps three times. The red LED on the IR receiver will change from slow flashes to fast flashes. Press OK on the Remote until 4 beeps, the red LED on the IR receiver shall turn off, showing left has LEARNED successfully.
  • What size TV can be used with Motorised TV mounts?
  • 32" to 60" can be used, using the VESA mounting positions to the rear of the TV
  • How to flip the direction of motion, as opening right to left?
  • To flip the direction, turn the mount upside down and fix to wall, the mount shall then open out the opposite way.
  • Are the Motorised TV mounts easy to connect to mains supply?
  • Yes, you can connect the power supply adapter as supplied into a mains socket, it is simple as that.


  • How easy are the Motorised TV Mounts to setup?
  • Very simple, fix to the wall, plug in and use, as simple as that.
  • How to setup remote control for memory setting?
  • The motorised TV mounts have 2 memory settings for example to different angles. Press the down arrow on the remote to fully unfold, then press left or right arrow for your angled position. Once in the desired position press and hold mem1 for 5 seconds (2 beeps), the LED will stay lit for 1 second to indicate current position has been memorized. To recall mem1 , press and release button 1 and then press OK button Do the same for memory 2 as above.
  • What happens if an obstruction occurs when opening or closing?
  • The motorised TV mounts have a safety feature, as soon as it detects interference it shall stop movement.
  • Are the brackets VESA compliant to fit to TVs?
  • Yes, they fit the following standards: 200x200, 300x300, 400x200, 400x400. 600x400
  • Where should i place the IR receiver?
  • The IR receiver must be placed so it is viewable, either place at side of TV or on the wall. It has self adhesive backing.
  • Do the TV mounts have cable tidy features?
  • Yes, there are clips and ensure the cables are secured neat and tidy.


  • Why does my IR remote not Work?
  • There are a number of resons why the IR might not Function here are the most common: Low battery No batteries IR receiver not visible Damaged remote Distance from TV is too great
  • Pulled out the bracket manually and not closing correctly?
  • This has happended as config has been disrupted by manually moving mount, to rectify this press the up arrow on remote till the bracket is flat against the wall. This will the create a datum (starting point) all fixed.
  • Latest Samsung TV have deeper VESA holes what do i need?
  • The latest range of Samsung TVs above VESA 400x400 require an upgraded screw M8x50 with 15mm spacers.

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