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18 October 2022

Try Our Multi-Room Speakers For Unbeatable Audio Coverage

Smart audio technology is delivering a new era of ease and convenience for homeowners. Need evidence? Multi-room speakers are here, promising a high-quality audio solution compatible with the dynamism of modern life. Because why restrict your listening to one room only, when you can have comprehensive coverage throughout your entire property? This is the question that our WiFi Multi-Room Ceiling Speakers set out to answer.

18 October 2022

Three Easy Ways To Smarten Up Your Kitchen

Kitchen innovation has accelerated in recent years. The introduction of smart technology has helped pave the way for ever more intuitive ways to achieve your culinary ambitions. As one of the more popular targets of home renovation, having that dream kitchen is something that all of us aspire to. But if you’re put off by the cost, remember that there are easier and cheaper ways to smarten up your kitchen space.

18 October 2022

How To Build An Award-Winning Product

At Lithe Audio, our designers and engineers are always on the lookout for the next new innovation. Delivering jaw-dropping audiovisual solutions for modern households doesn’t happen by chance, which is why we have expert processes in place to ensure our products meet the demands of our consumers. That’s our primary goal. And if we pick up industry awards in the process? That’s the icing on the cake.

22 July 2022

The Lithe Audio Wireless Micro Sub Woofer - Your Ticket To Well-Rounded Home Audio

Home audio has entered a new era - a portable one. What used to take up half a living room can now be carried around the house. With an array of shapes to choose from, today’s bluetooth and wireless speakers betoken a new age of ease and convenience.

22 July 2022

Set The Scene For Shoppers – Three Gadgets To Transform Your Retail Space

For retail establishments, one of the keys to creating a satisfying shopping experience is achieving the right ambience. When consumers feel comfortable, they’re likely to browse for longer, and ultimately - make more purchases. From installing mood lighting to creating the perfect soundscape, there are many ways businesses can put shoppers at their ease.

17 June 2022

Best Garden Gadgets To Enjoy The Summer Heat

Despite a few false starts, the Great British Summertime seems back on track. Rising temperatures and unclouded skies are causing our attention to drift outdoors. For the garden owners of this country, here’s your brief window of time to relax and feel smug.

13 May 2022

Learn More About Audio Latency With This Home Theatre Hack

When it comes to building the perfect home theatre, latency is a word that has the power to make all DIY’ers flinch. When the audio doesn’t quite match up to the onscreen visuals, even by just a few seconds, it can prove frustrating.

13 May 2022

Ready For Warmer Weather? What About Your Garden?

Bring out the deckchairs, trundle out the barbecue, and stock up on those hay fever tablets. Spring is here. The prospect of long, bright afternoons spent dozing among the birds and bees is becoming more palpable. If the forecasters are believed, we’re due for a period of sunny conditions. Time to start preparing!

6 April 2022

The Perfect Sound Solution For Your Retail Space

From the art of shelf stacking to the science of shop windows, so much time and attention is focused on what shoppers can see. It comes as some surprise therefore that not a whole lot of effort goes into what they hear.

9 March 2022

A Match Made In Audio Heaven

For those who own, or are looking to buy, ceiling speakers for their home, one of the most exciting discoveries in store is realising the many compatibility benefits on offer. Because for our product developers, success means not just delivering awesome products, but allowing them to fit in seamlessly with the rest of your home technology as well.

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