If there is a problem with any of our Lithaudio products not listed in the general FAQ list, please contact us before returning any products  

What size cutout does the 6.5" ceiling speaker need?

The speaker cutout is 210mm diameter. Please use template provided in the box

What is the depth of the 6.5" wireless speaker?

The product depth is 9.5cm (3.7").

How to remove the metal grill from speaker?

The speaker grille is held in place by a series of magnets located on the speaker, providing easy access to clean and paint. 

How many speakers do I need in my room?

For a bathroom, en-suite 1 speaker, bedroom, dining room, living room, kitchen 2 speakers, for larger rooms 4 or more speakers depending on depth of sound according to your specification

Do additional users of the speakers need to setup again to connect ?

No. the system when first setup is stored onto your wireless router with a fixed IP address. additional users as long as use same network will automatically find the speakers.

Can the mesh speaker grill be painted same colour as my ceiling?

Yes, please use a small foam roller and paint in thin layers to prevent clogging up the mesh holes on the grille.

Can I match the colour of my ceiling to the grille colour?

Yes, for an additional cost the mesh grille can be sent away to UK company to get colour matched or matched to Pantone colour. Please contact us.

Installation FAQs

Not sure how to wire wireless speaker?

All electrical wiring must be done by a qualified electrician or similarly qualified person. Instructions enclosed within the box advise how to fit the speaker, if unsure seek a qualified electrician to avoid damage to the product and for your safety.

How long will the speaker last for?

As long as used within the parameters set out within the instructions, the speakers will last for years to come

Does any of the Litheaudio range come with a warranty or guarantee?

All our products come with a 2 year warranty from date of purchase, if there is a fault please contact us.

Is the wireless speaker easy to wire to mains supply?

Yes, you can connect the power supply to an existing ceiling rose or junction box by wiring in a single plug socket or terminating the plug to a fused spur, with an 3A rated fuse.

(Make sure that the live is not connected to the switched Live otherwise the speakers will on become active when switching On lights)

My product is not working but within warranty, what happens now?

Please contact us before sending the product back for a returns number, we shall then test the product, and repair if faulty, if un-repairable a replacement shall be sent within 7 working days.

How easy are the speakers to setup?

Our Bluetooth speakers need to be setup using by pairing via the devices bluetooth settings page, this process is very simple within 2 clicks the speakers are setup and ready to go within  seconds. The speaker requires no additional amplifiers, router, controllers, mainframes, all you need is within the box. Saving you space and money.

Can we use your wireless speakers in the bathroom?

Yes our bathroom rated version LBT/IP is IP44 rated for bathroom use. Do not place speaker directly above shower unit, bath, sinks or radiators.


If there is a problem with any of our Litheaudio products not listed in the general FAQ list, please contact us before returning any products