Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker

Product Support

Setup & Use

+ How easy are the speakers to setup?

Our Bluetooth speakers need to be setup by pairing the device via bluetooth settings, as simple as 1,2,3. Within your devices settings, turn on Bluetooth, wait for few seconds to search for devices. LitheAudio BT shall appear, click to connect, a password prompt shall come up, enter default 1234, next, All done. Its as simple as that...

+ Do additional users of the speaker need to setup bluetooth to connect ?

Yes. To connect to the speakers, turn on bluetooth, search for the bluetooth speaker LitheAudio BT shall appear and type in the password, all connected. Make sure no other users are connected, as the first user to connect is the master user, till they disconnect.

+ Can the Bluetooth speakers be used in the bathroom?

Yes our bathroom rated version model LBT/IP is IP44 rated for bathroom use. Do not place speaker directly above shower unit, bath, sinks or radiators.

+ What version of Bluetooth are the speakers compatable with?

Bluetooth Version 4.0 and above shall all work with ceiling speakers. Please check device has bluetooth, as some device need this setup to function.

+ How can I change the password or Name of the BT ceiling speaker?

The speaker can have both these parameters changed (cost £11.99 per unit), this must be done when purchasing the speaker before the goods are despacthed, the speaker needs to be reprogrammed to your requirements.

+ How to disable the flashing Blue/Red light?

This cannot be disabled, within the box, a black round sticker is supplied for this very purpose, place the sticker over the led light. All solved no more flashing light.

+ How to connect Amazon Echo Dot to BT speaker?

There are 2 ways to do this either by hard wire via RCA connection on the speaker or via Bluetooth connection.

  • To connect via hard wire, connect a 2 x RCA to 3.5mm audio jack into speaker and 3.5mm jack into Echo, to play directly.
  • To connect via Bluetooth you must have purchased a version with PIN disabled to connect, as Amazon echo dot requires no PIN. Within Alexa app, go to "Settings", select your Echo Dot device, "Bluetooth", search for New device, and pair LitheAudio BT when prompted. Its a simple as that, you're all set to play via voice control. "Alexa, Play Bruno Mars on Spotify"


+ What size hole do I need to cut in the ceiling?

A 210mm diameter hole is required to fit the ceiling speaker, a cutting template is supplied within the box as a guide to cutting.

+ What is the depth required of the Bluetooth ceiling speakers?

The depth required is 94mm, approx 3.7".

+ Are the Bluetooth speakers easy to wire to mains supply?

Yes, you can connect the power supply via the supplied plug into a main socket OR connect to lighting circuit either existing ceiling rose or junction box by wiring in a single plug socket or terminating the plug to a fused spur, with an 3A rated fuse.

(Make sure that the live is not connected to the switched Live otherwise the speakers will only become active when switching on lights)

All electrical wiring must be done by a qualified electrician or similarly qualified person. Instructions enclosed within the box advise how to fit the speaker, if unsure seek a qualified electrician to avoid damage to the product and for your safety.

+ Do the speakers need to be connected to separate amplifier?

The speaker requires NO additional amplifiers, router, controllers, mainframes, all you need is within the box. Saving you space and money, Just connect power.

+ Does the additional passive speaker need wiring?

Yes, the passive slave speaker needs connecting to the master Bluetooth ceiling speaker, if purchased as a pair, 5m length of speaker cable is supplied. Ensure the speaker cable "+" and "-" are connected to the back of the master and slave speaker posts correctly.

+ Can the Bluetooth ceiling speakers be used in the bathroom?

Yes our bathroom rated version LBT/IP is IP44 rated for bathroom use. Do not place speaker directly above shower unit, bath, sinks or radiators.

+ Do I need a speaker fire hood fitted?

Yes, to meet building regulations and for your peace of mind we always insist on this, as per instructions. We sell these on our website and are simple to install.


+ Why does my Bluetooth connection keep disconnecting?

There a number of reasons why the Bluetooth connection is disconnecting here are the most common:

  • Interference from other devices operating within 2.4GHz or 5 GHz band. Such as Microwaves, cameras, LCD displays, Wifi, other bluetooth devices etc..
  • Too many apps open within your device, causing interuptions to service, close down unused apps.
  • The distance between the bluetooth ceiling speaker and your device may be over 32 feet / 10 meters. Try moving closer to speaker.
  • Low battery on your device, charge your device
  • Obstructions between device and speaker such as:

    Low interference: Wood, Glass Medium interference: Bricks, Marble High interference: Plaster, Concrete, Metal

To reduce the number of disconnections please try:

  • Reduce the number of Bluetooth devices in the operating area
  • Connect to a 5Ghz WIFI wireless network
  • Update device software for latest bluetooth updates

+ My iPhone/iPad won't connect to Bluetooth speaker?

There a number of fixes you can try:

  • Goto Settings>Bluetooth see the LitheAudio BT click on the i icon Forget device.
  • Toggle Bluetooth on and off, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up control center, tap bleutooth off and on again.
  • Try a hard reset, Press and hold sleep/wake button and home button at the same time, wait for a few seconds for device to reboot.
  • Goto Settings>Bluetooth turn on Bluetooth, device shall search and LitheAudio BT shall appear, tap on LitheAudio BT and prompt for Password shall appear, enter password. All Paired.
  • Goto Settings>General>Software Update.

There have been various IOS updates fixing Bluetooth bugs

Contact Apple for further support:

+ My device will not connect after few months of working fine?

Please try the following:

  • Pressing the reset button on the speaker for 10 seconds to delete the connected device list. Blue led shall start to flash ready for pairing.
  • Power off the speaker for 30 seconds and turn back on. Speaker shall make audiable noise and blue led shall start flashing waiting to connect.
  • Flashing red light, the device has gone into safety mode, due to lighting strike, voltage spike in the circuit. Follow the 2 steps above, failing this please contact us.

+ My speaker is making a humming noise?

Please check the following:

  • Have you connected an RCA cable into the speaker from a source such as TV, if so the noise is coming from the cable, have you a shielded cable, if not, suggest buying a ground loop isolator to suppress the noise from the cable (easy to retro fit).

+ How to adjust volume via RCA input from TV?

Please check the following:

  • To connect a TV to speaker via RCA cable, you shall need an Phono (red/white) to 3.5mm jack. Having the 3.5mm jack shall allow you to adjust volume by your tv remote, if you connect phono into the TV you cannot adjust the volume.


+ My product is not working but within guarantee period, what happens now?

Please contact us before sending the product back for a returns number, upon receipt of the product, we shall test and repair if faulty, if un-repairable a replacement shall be sent within 7 working days.

+ How long are Litheaudio Bluetooth speakers guaranteed for?

Our products come with a 2 year guarantee from date of purchase.

+ What is covered by the free guarantee?

Repair or replacement of your Litheaudio Speaker (at LitheAudio descretion). For full information and terms and conditions, please see our terms and conditions.

+ What is not covered by the LitheAudio guarantee?

There are some circumstances that are not covered by a LitheAudio guarantee. These include accidental damage, misuse and repairs or alterations carried out by 3rd parties other than LitheAudio. For full details of what is not covered, please see our terms and conditions.