You may have noticed… Lithe Audio features in The Times magazine

A big thank you to The Times newspaper, who included in its weekend magazine a glowing recommendation of our all-in-one ceiling speaker.

We love all the fantastic feedback we get from customers. We work hard to ensure high levels of consumer satisfaction, and we’re continually striving to make Lithe Audio work for you.

Hearing our praises sung in the national press is a vindication of all the work our team put into designing a product that is exciting, innovative, and stacked full of amazing features.

If you missed the feature - ‘5 reasons why we love: Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers’, then don’t worry. We’ve included images of the article below.

Lithe Audio in The Times Newspaper_1
Lithe Audio in the The Times

We love the five reasons chosen. And with a huge list of features to select from, we’re always interested to hear what you like the most about our ceiling speaker models.

Is it the superb 65Hz-20kHz audio quality? The Amazon dot compatibility? The security pin protection?

And for those who are yet to own one of these fantastic devices, what most excites you about the prospect of having one in your home?

Is it the idea of waking up to bird song filtering down from above? Are you excited about raising your shower singing game?

We’d love to find out. Please send us a message either through our website or by simply leaving a comment on our Facebook page.