Christmas is for TV bingeing. So here’s how to make the most of it...

OK, so you’ve done your last bit of Christmas shopping, and are finally ready to hunker down. Christmas spirit is in the air, and you’ve already highlighted which shows you want to watch. Time to put on your most comfortable elasticated clothing and let a year’s worth of laziness consume you.



But are you truly prepared?

Many home-owners around the UK will spend this Christmas having to crane their neck to view their TV. They might want to recline in their armchair, but end up missing half of the action. Whether its a dedicated TV cabinet accumulating dust or a makeshift cardboard box, don’t let a lacklustre TV arrangement let you down this Christmas. Santa wouldn’t be pleased.

Instead, let Lithe Audio grab your attention with our phenomenal TV wall mounts. With our beautiful yet simplistic arrangements, you’ll feel compelled to watch the whole Home Alone film series in just one sitting. And you won’t even need to move from your chair!

What are the benefits?

For a start they are raised nice and high to be easily viewed from all positions. Using our remote controlled models, simply push a button and the TV will align to the perfect angle for your entertainment.

Then there are the obvious space saving benefits of our flip down models. That wall which was now taken up with TV, cabinet, decade-old birthday cards, and tatty memorabilia can now be incorporated into the room once more. Which means so much more space for activities!

Less clutter also means more scope for drunken clumsiness. With our models, your TV is now safely out of the way to prevent any damage from occurring. Your prized LCD screen is now totally Christmas proof.

What about the specs?

Our units will support most 23"-60" monitors up to 30kg/66lbs and its strength has been tested for a minimum of three times its stated load capacity. So don’t get worried about the safety of your screen!

Installation is very simple, and won’t take a DIY expert to achieve. It is simply a case of drilling a series of holes in your wall and attaching our mounting bracket. The rest is ridiculously easy, and you will have your TV mounted in no time at all.

Our units also come with a handy mini remote with which you can make adjustments to the viewing angle of your TV, as well as store your unit away. Feel the power at your fingertips with this great automated solution. Your friends will be highly impressed, and your social life may well improve as a result.

detail 07.jpg

We here at Lithe Audio are obsessed with finding smart solutions that make space (and stress) saving improvements to your household. This is just one of them. To see our fantastic models, check our our product listing here:

Amazon Echo + Lithe Audio ceiling speakers = the ultimate Black Friday pairing

In case you haven't checked your emails, browsed social media, or engaged with any online platform at all for the past week or so, you'd be well aware that Black Friday is just around the corner. For shopping enthusiasts it is the most important date in the calendar, where all the large retailers dramatically lower the prices of some of their most sought-after goods for a limited period. Anyone on the market for the latest tech gadgets will surely be gushing over the devices already advertised in the run up to this year's event. And if you're seeking inspiration for potential Christmas presents, this is your opportunity to stock up on some fantastic stocking fillers.

One gadget which is sure to create a lot of excitement for the online bargain hunters out there will be the new Amazon Echo range. With a significant price drop expected this Friday, many will relish the chance to introduce one of these voice-activated home assistants into their lives.

The home of the future is here...

For the uninitiated, imagine if Siri metamorphosed into a small circular box located on your living room table. And, instead of having to reach over and put it on the correct setting, you could simply shout out "Alexa, play some music," and the task was performed. This is basically the closest we've come to fulfilling those visions of the 'future home' projected in those films of yesteryear, and it will be made available at a cut price rate this Friday.

Here at Lithe Audio, we're always looking to use our technology to sync up with other gadgets you may have around the home. So if you're eying a purchase of Amazon's Echo, here's how you can use our products to maximise the potential of your device...

Hook Amazon Echo up to Lithe Audio's ceiling speakers for a truly awesome home experience...

What's better than having a voice activated assistant present in your living room? Having a voice activated assistant throughout your entire household, that's what. And with Lithe Audio's ceiling-mounted speakers, you can get just that.

Imagine: you're in the kitchen preparing dinner while your other half is in the bedroom. The house is silent, and there's a distinct lack of energy throughout the home. You're aware that the nine to five routine is becoming stale, lacking excitement. Then, on a whim, you shout out 'Alexa! Play 'Rapper's Delight' and suddenly your home is echoing to the funky bassline and groovy rhymes of The Sugarhill Gang. You dance your way out of the kitchen while your loved one dances their way out of the bedroom. Meeting in the corridor, your cheesy dance moves commingle in a gloriously shameless tribute to 80s disco music.

Using Lithe Audio's ceiling speakers in conjunction with the Amazon Echo will not only amplify and enrich its output, but extend it. The dulcet tones of your home assistant will be carried throughout the home, expanding the already exciting possibilities of the device. Rather than being a timid voice in the corner, the celestial sound of Alexa will be coming at you from above with a superb 65Hz-20kHz audio range.

So how does it work?

Lithe Audio bluetooth ceiling speaker Amazon Dot Compatibility.jpg

The Amazon dot device will connect via cable or bluetooth to your ceiling speakers, and, once one device is connected, you will be able to connect a second speaker using a simple speaker cable. Easy to set up, remarkable results.

Lithe Audio prides itself on devising ways of making home technology both convenient, and more intuitive. So if it's breaking into an impromptu dance, or managing your personal finances, however you wish to use your home assistant technology, make sure you consider our ceiling mounted speakers for a richer, more immersive experience.

If you're in the market for some truly incredible Black Friday tech, then consider the Amazon Echo alongside our ceiling speakers. We guarantee it will change your life.


Where can I buy Lithe Audio products?

No doubt by now you are convinced of the incredibly unique and irresistible qualities of our range. Whether it is ceiling speakers or TV wall mounts, our products make the perfect stocking fillers, and for those looking to get their hands on them, then here is the ultimate guide.

We supply our products to many of the leading electronics retailers around the country. No matter where you live, you are never more than a short journey to your nearest Lithe Audio product. And if it's convenience you're after, then our distributors offer excellent delivery services that means you won't even need to step outside the front door.

It isn't just national suppliers that stock our products. If you reside somewhere outside the UK and are enraptured with our products, then it is highly likely there is a convenient and local retailer for you.

In all cases, check out our interactive supplier maps to see where your nearest Lithe Audio product is:
Inside the UK: 
Outside the UK:

An exciting new partnership

We are especially pleased to announce a new partnership with leading UK retailer Screwfix. We are proud to have our unique bluetooth ceiling speakers featured in the Screwfix catalogue. So if you're ever passing by your local Screwfix store (And there are many!) - then why not check out our trademark product?

With a comprehensive range of pick-up or delivery options available, it has never been easier to get your hands on a Lithe Audio model. Available is a wide range of Bluetooth ceiling speakers and standard Ceiling speakers. I think you'll agree that the stylish design of our speakers will stand out on the shelves in any store, and we're confident that if you haven't already been tempted to buy one, you will when you see it face to face.

Making our mark, store by store

With our products becoming more and more available, we're very excited that an increasing amount of people will be able to see our products for themselves. And for those who are already Lithe Audio obsessives, we'd love for you to tell your friends and family about us. Our ambition is to make the domestic lives of people all over the country more hassle free and fulfilling, and you can help share the advantages that our range brings. If a new Lithe Audio supplier has opened up near you, be the first ones to spread the good news.

Our products have gone global, and there has never been a better time to get your hands on our exciting range. Check our our suppliers now!. 


How to hold the perfect Halloween party (Courtesy of Lithe Audio)

How to hold the perfect Halloween party (Courtesy of Lithe Audio)

So your pumpkin is looking vaguely sinister, the horror themed playlist is primed, and you’ve done your best to bedeck your house with suitably ghoulish decorations. But there’s something missing. Where are all the guests?

Putting the customers first - A core Lithe Audio philosophy

Putting the customers first - A core Lithe Audio philosophy


Putting our customers first is not just an empty marketing slogan intended to make you feel special, it's the way we plan and design every single Lithe Audio product, and it's the reason why we're consistently putting out new solutions for your everyday tech needs.

A smart new product for tech addicts

We here at Lithe Audio are always looking for ingenious life hacks to use around the home. And our latest product provides a fantastic new way to make the most of your current gadgets.

Our newly released phone/tablet stands are the perfect tool for multitaskers. Whether you're in the kitchen or changing the music, this sleekly designed model uses micro suction technology to strongly grip your device.

Unlike other alternatives, our Nanometer pads do away with glue and residue to bring you a superb natural hold. That means keeping your phone or tablet in pristine condition after use. And with its stylish premium grade aluminium alloy build, the stand will look great in your home.

06420_Retrotouch Boutique_Lithe Audio Phone On Stand_Black_Back_Angle.jpg


The latest lifestyle hack

Our tech gadgets have become an intrinsic part of our everyday existence. They have made lots of things a lot easier. But there are many instances when these devices can be a bit of a faff.

Let's say you're training hard to be the next Great British Bakeoff champion. With all that flour and butter on your fingers it can be very tricky to reactivate and reposition your recipe on the kitchen bench. Our stands make it very simple to display your device in a conspicuous way.

...Or imagine you're performing the distinguished role of resident DJ at your house party. These situations call for the utmost concentration and deliberation, not to mention the careless way your device can sometimes be discarded when that banging tune comes on. Now you can keep your phone upright and easily accessible.

For a safer, cleaner, and more efficient solution, opt for the superior quality and functionality of our phone/tablet stand.

Flawlessly built

Its fantastic triangular shape is the secret to our stand's versatility. This unique style allows you to change orientation, re-arrange devices to different sides and angle your smartphone or tablet however you wish. This makes it perfect to use across a variety of smartphone and tablet models.

We recognise the need to keep your electronics neat and tidy. This is why we've included a subtle cable management system at the back of our stand to keep your inputs out of harm's way.

The dimensions of our model are 11 x 10 x 7.5cm, which makes is a perfectly portable device that you can store away easily whenever needed. With its lightweight, easy-to-use design, this is the ideal unit for those that want to go hands free with their mobile devices.

There are countless opportunities for our stand to improve your lifestyle. And we're keen to discover how you wish to use it. Check out our amazing new product at, and please do drop us a line about how it can prove the ultimate lifehack for you.

Snuggle up with Lithe Audio this Autumn

If you've had a conversation with an English person this week, you have probably been told that the temperature is falling. That familiar sense of fortitude is beginning to take the place of sunburnt exoticism, and people are starting to prepare for hibernation. It surely won't be long before Christmas decorations are being stocked and carols ringing through the air.

But before you start succumbing to seasonal affective disorder (SADS) make sure your home is well stocked. By all means order a few cases of red wine, but above all ensure that your home entertainment system is the best it can be.

Lithe Audio excel in providing fantastic gadgets to optimise your current entertainment setup. Whether you want to snuggle up and watch some riveting films or simply provide a warm mood with great audio, we have the products for you.

So without further ado, here are two incredible products that can help you get the most out of your home, as it becomes more and more unpleasant to be outdoors.

Ceiling speakers for audio ambience


What's the best way to keep warm? To exercise! And what better way to exercise than through dance? When that thumping bass and soaring treble sounds out, it can be particularly difficult to restrain your dance impulse. But those for whom dancing doesn't come naturally, simply put on your favourite light classical music and let the warm times roll.

Our wireless all-in-one ceiling speaker casts superb quality sound down from above. Simply hook your device up to the system via bluetooth and the sonic possibilities are endless. Boasting a tweeter and woofer providing a 65Hz-20kHz frequency range, your home will be awash in rich audio. If that doesn't put you into a cosy mood, I don't think anything will.

To see what all the fuss is about, and to check out the full specs for our models, visit our stock list now:

TV wall mounts for cinematic viewing


Cold weather is for staying at home and watching Netflix (other video streaming services are available). Brew in hand, nothing beats the tranquility of losing yourself in a great drama. If you're upset about the lack of sunshine, you won't have to look far to experience it virtually through moving images. And if technology can sometimes prove a barrier to that experience, then Lithe Audio have the perfect product for you.

Our TV wall mounts cater for both curved and flat screen televisions, and - depending on which model you opt for - may allow you to control the position of your screen from the comfort of your chair. Which means you won't EVEN have to get out from underneath that blanket. Our models offer an impressive range of viewing angles to suit your purpose. We even have one that flips down from the ceiling. Now that's futuristic!

For a full list of specs and pricing guides, check out our range now!

5 reasons why ceiling speakers are the audio solution of the future

When it comes to home entertainment systems, we all want to be one step ahead of the rest. Why keep up with the Jones's when you can become a Jones yourself? These are the considerations Lithe Audio have addressed with our fantastic all-in-one ceiling speaker range. 

We strongly believe that the future of audio is up high. If you're looking for the latest in audio technology, then it is more than likely you've encountered the unique benefits of ceiling mounted speakers. They are practical, affordable, and offer fantastic sound quality for your home or establishment. 

We're so passionate about our product, that funnelling all their unique qualities into 5 key benefits has been a bit of a challenge. But for those who may not know too much about ceiling speakers, here is an overview.

01563_Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling speaker_Cutout.jpg

Superb sound coverage

Any sound technician will tell you that amplification of sound is just one part of the audio experience. The next part is sound dispersal, or how the sound travels around your room. Many elaborate hacks exist to help you get the most out of your existing set-up, but one solution that is guaranteed to deliver superb coverage is mounting the speaker system up high and letting it rain down upon you. 

Space saving solution

If you've ever found your home wanting in the 'free space' department, then don't despair. If you want the ultimate stress-free lifestyle, especially when there are little ones running around the house, our ceiling speakers are a great way to reduce excess clutter, and get your tech out of the firing line. 

Can be used in the bathroom

Our IP44 rated bathroom models are perfect for those who like to sing we're they're showering. Or perhaps some classical chillout is in order while soaking in the tub? Getting audio into the bathroom has historically been fraught with danger. Our models are up high and safely out of the way, meaning you can splash around as much as you want without the risk of your speakers getting wet. Win win!

Can be paired with other speakers around the house

To turn your entire home into a pumping groove box, multiple ceiling speakers installed throughout the building will deliver the perfect result. Need to run to the toilet but don't want to miss what's happening on the telly? Easy, install another ceiling speaker in the hallway. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

They are surprisingly easy to install

One common reservation about ceiling speakers is the perceived difficulty in setting them up in the first place. But don't worry. You don't need to be a DIY whizz to be able to set up our ceiling speakers. The job will only take 15 minutes, and simply involves feeding your device into the ceiling and giving it power. Within no time at all, you will be set up to begin receiving incredible audio from above. 

Click here to explore the Lithe Audio Ceiling speaker range here

Look to Lithe Audio for your sports viewing needs

Look to Lithe Audio for your sports viewing needs

So who’s place will it be? Whether it’s that big upcoming fight or the start of a new sporting season, the ultimate endorsement of your home entertainment system is whether or not you’re the designated host. If you consistently find yourself having to leave the comfort of your own surroundings to watch every premier league game, you should probably get the hint.

Lithe Audio Motorised Flip Down Ceiling Mount- a fantastic space saving solution

So where is your TV? This will be the first question on your guest's lips as they walk into your home. They may think you're some kind of ascetic, and that your evening are spent performing transcendental meditation to ambient whale music. The reality is that you're living in a modern home with all the accoutrements of a 21st century lifestyle. And you might just want to tell them to look up...

Our ceiling flip down TV mount is the perfect product for those that want to maximise space and make their home look slick. These motorised models have that technological pizzazz that will make people go 'ahhh'.


And once the initial amazement has worn off, the long term benefits of our units are countless, and will give you the ultimate clutter free solution to your TV watching habits.

What are the benefits?

For a start they are raised nice and high to be easily viewed from all positions. We're thinking specifically of those who like to spend their evenings Netflix bingeing from bed. No longer will you have to feng shui the pillows to allow yourself an adequate viewing angle. Here, the TV is raised to the optimum height for all to see. Just lower your unit into position and hey presto!

Then there are the obvious space saving benefits of our flip down models. That wall which was now taken up with TV, cabinet, decade-old birthday cards, and tatty memorabilia can now be incorporated into the room once more. Which means so much more space for activities!

Less clutter also means more scope for clumsiness. So whether you own a crazy cat or are prone to furious bursts of gamer rage, your TV is now safely out of the way to prevent any damage from occurring. Instead, your prized LCD screen is sheltering out of harm's way, safe and secure.

06303_Remote Control Motorized Flip Down Ceiling Mount - 23-55 diagram.jpg


What about the specs?

Our units will support most 23"-55" monitors up to 30kg/66lbs and its strength has been tested for a minimum of three times its stated load capacity. So don't get worried about the safety of your screen!

Installation is very simple, and won't take a DIY expert to achieve. It is simply a case of drilling a series of holes in your wall and attaching our mounting bracket. The rest is ridiculously easy, and you will have your TV mounted in no time at all.

Our units also come with a handy mini remote with which you can make adjustments to the viewing angle of your TV, as well as store your unit away. Feel the power at your fingertips with this great automated solution. Your friends will be highly impressed, and your social life may well improve as a result.

We here at Lithe Audio are obsessed with finding smart solutions that make space (and stress) saving improvements to your household. This is just one of them. To see our fantastic models, check our our product listing here:

Ceiling speakers feature in glowing Smart Home Geeks review

Ceiling speakers feature in glowing Smart Home Geeks review

We're always gratified when we hear feedback from satisfied customers. It vindicates all the hard work we put into designing a product that works perfectly for you. So we thought we'd share this latest one with you

Choose Lithe Audio for the ultimate May the 4th viewing experience

Choose Lithe Audio for the ultimate May the 4th viewing experience

If the swoosh of lightsabers and the whirl of spaceships is the soundtrack of a perfect night in for you, then you will no doubt be excitedly anticipating May the 4th. It a chance to binge watch your favourite film franchise without any attached social stigma. It is also a chance to bring your friends round and show off your latest home entertainment system.

Coming to a town near you... A brief look at some of our upcoming trade shows

Coming to a town near you... A brief look at some of our upcoming trade shows

Building the perfect home requires care, patience, and a fine attention to detail. And for those looking for that 21st century feel, you need to have a handle on all the latest developments in home technology.

So how can you do this?

Put some Spring in your step with our all-in-one Bluetooth ceiling speakers

It is that season again: Migrant birds are arriving, bumblebees doing their pollen rounds, and the pale sheen of men's calves illuminate the pavements. Springtime is here. And for all those whose circadian rhythms are out of whack, it is a chance to spend our mornings resuming our usual zest for life.

There is nothing better than waking up in the morning with warm rays of sunshine falling on your bed. Well actually there is...

Our all in one ceiling speakers offer the chance for you to wake up to rediscover a bit of morning glory. And if you're not an Oasis fan, connect your phone to these speakers and let your imagination run riot. Some of our users has programmed nature sounds to lull themselves into wakefulness, others opt for something more danceable. What will you decide on?

The science of sound

Whatever your preference, it is no secret that music in the morning can put your brain in the right gear. Whatever your day throws at you, nothing beats the calm self assurance of someone who has started that day belting out a few bars of 'come fly with me'. In a study conducted at the University of Montreal, music was found to lower the levels of cortisol - a major stress hormone. The researchers measured anxiety levels, focus, and decision making, and all were improved with music. Your morning shower arias are more important than you thought!

And if you are susceptible to feeling stressful and impatient, then you need a speaker system that's right for you. No cables. No inefficiencies. No fuss.

The great news is that Lithe Audio's engineers have developed a truly modern speaker system that will look great, sound great, and ensure you start your day on the front foot.

So what makes our speakers so fantastic?

  • Superb quality 65Hz-20kHz speakers

  • All in one solution covers all your home audio requirements

  • Unobtrusive minimalist design will suit any decor

  • Easy to install

  • No dusting required

Our models come as an all-in-one device that will fit right into your light socket. No fiddling around with wires, plug sockets, or extraneous cables. Your home is already set up for one of our speakers. And if the majority of your morning is spent standing in your shower or soaking in the bath, then our IP44 Rated speaker models are perfect for your bathroom.

We've worked hard to make sure the benefits of music in your household are as easy to achieve as possible. There is a fine line between waking up to crystal clear simulated birdsong and tinny, hangover-simulating audio. We've made sure our speakers deliver all the lifestyle perks that music has to offer, and it has never been easier to reap the benefits.

If you don't consider yourself a morning person, you probably have never tried waking up to our Lithe Audio ceiling speakers. With high quality audio coming at you from above, that Spring feeling has never been easier to discover.

Celebrate St Patrick's day in style with all-in-one ceiling speakers

Anyone not 100% conversant with hagiography would be forgiven for thinking St Patrick was the patron saint of booze ups. All religious connotations that may previously have marked the occasion have now been diluted with barrel after barrel of Guinness.

The truth is, St Patrick’s day has become a global celebration of Irish culture. With that said, any celebrant must by right expect plenteous quantities of alcohol, hilarious costumes, and great music.

No Saint Paddy’s day would be complete without an Irish jig or two to mark the occasion. So if you’re planning a celebratory get-together, consider your role as DJ as one of the most vital for a successful night.

Here at Lithe Audio, we’re always willing to help out wherever needed.

First things first: we provide the kit.

Our all-in-one bluetooth ceiling speakers are just the ticket to turn your family-friendly living room into a whiskey soaked dancefloor.

Pumping out crystal clear 65Hz-20kHz music from above, many of your guests will no doubt feel obliged to perform their own riverdance rendition. Just hook your phone or laptop up to these nifty devices and let the good times roll. No messy cables lying on the ground = no chance for Uncle Jim to trip over as he reels circumambiently around the room.

Next: Who wants to play a game?

When your guests are at an advanced level of insobriety, give them the task of identifying where the sound is coming from. Watch and laugh as they poke into every crevice and fondle every inanimate object in an attempt to determine from whence Shane MacGowan’s voice is emerging.

Lithe Audio’s ceiling speakers are designed to fit seamlessly in with your decor. Our unobtrusive, paintable devices are elegantly fashioned to blend harmoniously with their surroundings. Whatever aesthetic you’re going for, whether your walls are neutral white or clover green, you’ll never have to look unfavourably upon blocky speaker systems ever again.

And when for unforeseen circumstances you retire as resident DJ…

Our speaker systems are designed to integrate with Amazon’s Alexa voice automation system, meaning when all starts to get a bit hazy and you fail to remember how your phone works, you can simply shout out your song requests.

Consider her as your permanently designated driver that never succumbs to the temptation of alcohol… because she’s a robot. Hooking your Echo or Dot device up to our ceiling speakers couldn’t be easier. And using its amazing voice recognition technology is pretty simple too! Even when your voice is hoarse from belting out U2 ballads, your requests will be delivered promptly and accurately. Just make sure all your friends have a good taste in music and you’re onto a winner!

If you wish to make your home the place to be this St Patrick’s day, make sure you consider investing in our of our amazing all-in-one ceiling speakers. To be sure, to be sure.

Check out our range now!

“Where the music happens” - Why the bedroom is the ideal place for ceiling speakers

For many waking up in the 21st century society, mornings are a struggle. If you’re not suffering the consequences of boozy late night networking events, you’re waking up to buzzing, snarling phone alarms. And if your daily battle to find the ‘snooze’ button has already cost you several shattered phone screens, then you could be forgiven for thinking technology is against you.

But imagine waking up to the sound of nature filling your room, or your favourite acoustic ballad rousing you into a sense of wakefulness. Imagine experiencing mornings as a thing of tranquillity and ease, rather than a cause for alarm.  

Not only is this possible, but it is just one of many great benefits to fitting your bedroom out with a Lithe Audio ceiling speaker.

The others? Read on and find out…

Netflix and chill

There’s no greater comfort than watching cataclysmic events and apocalyptic disasters from the comfort of your own bed. And if don’t like watching BBC Parliament, there’s always a gripping TV drama to keep you entertained while you nestle beneath the sheets.

Our 65Hz-20kHz ceiling mounted speakers are designed to bathe you in a cascade of sound. So whether it’s soaking up all the drama of The Crown or just trying to comprehend what Sam Riley is saying, consider our innovative technology as a great way to improve your home viewing experience.

Sound capping

If the decibel levels of your house routinely approach that of a drag race, then you probably: a) have teenagers b) require some way of turning the volume down without your voice going hoarse. As soon as your ambient music becomes a seismological curiosity, then it’s probably time to find a solution.

Lithe Audio have that solution in mind with a programmable sound cap, which ensures that your family members are able to enjoy super rich audio quality in moderation. Rather than damaging their ears sitting next to a tinny speaker system, your son or daughter’s bedroom speakers can now amplify sound in a practical, healthy way.

Improve your sleep

If you’re a light sleeper and spend your nights repeatedly waking up to alarms and traffic sounds coming from outside your home, then an effective solution is at hand.

In his autobiography, football superstar Wayne Rooney admitted to leaving the vacuum cleaner on during the night to drown out any unexpected noises. If, like Wayne, you prefer consistent white noise to things that may go bump in the night, then our ceiling speakers will be a great way to ease your passage into the land of nod.

Just hook your speakers up to your phone as it plays out any form of relaxing audio, and your forty winks will be guaranteed.

Clutter free bedsides

If your bedside table is a constant hive of books, phone chargers, and speakers, then you may at some point have experienced the tragic domino effect that may ensue when reaching out for your phone. If it wasn’t so awful, it would be an interesting case study in physics. Through some kind of sorcery all bedside items always end up scattered all over your floor. And there are rarely any survivors.

Well Lithe Audio can help you out in that department. Our ceiling speakers provide you with a no-fuss cable free audio experience that will provide comfort and ease. Feel the unbounded pleasure of lying back in bed and controlling your audio system without getting tangled up.

Our ceiling speakers, as with all our products, are designed to enhance your feeling of domestic bliss. Check out our range now!

Aiming high: The key benefits of ceiling-mounted speakers

Whether it's political upheavals or personal crises, there has never been a better time to shut yourself in your home and crank up the bluetooth speakers. Seclusion is the new inclusion. And the prospect of turning your living room into a disco floor has revolutionised Friday nights for party people up and down the country. According to the British Phonographic Industry, December 2016 witnessed its first-ever 1 billion audio streams week milestone! That's a lot of domestic partying!

Gone too are the days when you would need to decipher which cable you can safely unplug without attracting the ire of your Netflix-binging other-half. Wireless communication is here to stay, and - with it - a whole new range of exciting possibilities for audio entertainment.

We here at Lithe Audio are obsessed with ways to make your domestic life both economical and pleasurable. And our ceiling mounted bluetooth speakers are no exception.

But what makes it so unique?

... And more pertinently, why attach speakers to the ceiling?

Here are some of the key factors that make our speakers so unique, and so appealing for those obsessed with smart technology.

Free up space

Space is at a premium these days. You can barely walk down the street without knocking some poor child off their tricycle. And, unless you're financially blessed, the same is true in our households. Your infinite capacity for collecting old Nintendo games will in all likelihood run counter to the finite amount of space in your cosy flat.

So, without turning your home into a hall of mirrors to give the illusion of spaciousness, you need to redirect clutter from the ground. We here at Lithe Audio have designed our ceiling speakers with your home's tidiness in mind. So instead of big sub woofers occupying an entire corner of your room, we have our bluetooth speakers that can be discretely mounted onto your ceiling.


Cable free interior

As already mentioned, cables are ugly. To think that in the 21st century our TV units still resemble snake pits is a fact that puts our generation to shame. Countless man hours have been spent trying to untangle these unsightly objects.

They can also be a safety hazard, as anyone entering a dark, cable-strewn room would know all too well. Your floor should not be an obstacle course. And neither should your attempt to find a solution. Luckily, our ceiling-mounted speakers are there to free up one more wire. Your path to a free and easy, wireless home experience begins with us.


Music fills whole room

Ceiling speakers benefit from awesome sound dispersion. You don't need to be a geeky audiophile to realise that speakers positioned in the corner of a room sound boxy and unclear. No matter how much you spend on a new sound system, the positioning of your speakers can make a huge contribution to how your music actually ends up sounding.

Lithe Audio's ceiling speakers allow the sound to filter downwards into the room, providing a rich audio quality that sounds like it's coming from the heavens. Plus, with the inclusion of pivoting tweeters that direct the sound to wherever you wish, you can ensure superb audio every single time.


No compromise on decor

As Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and similarly exuberant interior designers will tell you, aesthetically pleasing decor can make a property. You may have a luxury apartment in Mayfair, but if you've fitted it with tacky 80s retro gear, chances are you'll hear a whole range of excuses for people not wanting to come to your house. And the same thing goes for your speakers.

Most high quality speakers days require a whole furniture to hold them up. For an aesthetically minded individual, this is one piece of furniture too many. To truly feel part of the 21st century, we need to incorporate speakers within the fabric of the home itself. Lithe Audio's ceiling speakers are housed discreetly in their own ceiling-mounted units, protruding 3mm from the ceiling. And if this isn't enough, our speakers can be easily painted to match the decor of your property!



The benefits of ceiling speakers are clear, but if you need more convincing, check out a full list of features and specs at our website